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Bike Handlebar Mounting Kit Tough Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone X / XS

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  • The adventure cycling mounting kit for Apple iPhone XS / X owners. This package contains everything an adventure cyclist needs to revolutionise their rides. It contains a complete mount solution including tough case, mounting attachment of your choice. Use your Apple iPhone XS / X to plot your cycle route, record your fitness, find great cycling routes nearby, your iPhone can do everything you would need. This is the ultimate adventure cycling mounting solution.

    Why Ultimateaddons

    . Tough case offers full protection
    . IPX5 waterproof rating
    . 3 prong connection system
    . External power connection compatible
    . Camera - front & rear
    . Range of mounting attachments
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  • Included

    1. Tough Case
    2. Handlebar Mounting Attachment of your choice