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Motorcycle Fork StemMount Kit for TomTom Rider 400 / 40 v5

Have you recently bought the TomTom Rider 400 / Rider 40?  If you cant find a way to mount your TomTom Rider on your sportsbike the fork stem attachment could be just what your looking for.  

3 Prong Adapter Plate for TomTom Rider   
The adapter plate simply screws into the TomTom Rider dock holder which is supplied with the TomTom Rider. This adapter plate has 3 prongs on the opposite side, allowing the user to attach various attachments.  Please note that you must use your own existing tomtom rider dock supplied, this is NOT included with this kit.

25mm to 3 Prong Adapter  
3 prong socket plate is designed to allow Ultimateaddons® 3 Prong holders and cases to be connected. The socket slots securely over the 1 inch (25mm) ball connector and is tightened with a nut for the optimum viewing position.

Fork Stem Attachment
Simply measure the diameter of the fork stem and make sure you ample space around the fork stem for the action camera to be mounted. 


if you want more flexibility with the positioning of your camera or if you want to add extra height ideal if you use a tank bag is select the 3" extender.