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Samsung Galaxy Tough Case with Adapter Options - TEST

Ultimateaddons tough waterproof mount case for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ are model specific and are designed specifically for being mounted to motorcycles / bikes.

If you are looking for the best case to mount your Samsung Galaxy S9 onto a motorcycle or bicycle & keep it protected from the elements, powering it while you go, then look no further.

Function buttons on the case allow for using volume, on-off and the phones new bixby button. Easy to use function buttons while wearing gloves.    

Some options are available, you may only need the case on it's own, or various options to have a male or female 1" ball, or adapter plate to fit to some existing mounting kit.

Why Ultimateaddons

. Tough case offers full protection
. IPX5 waterproof rating
. 3 prong connection system
. External power connection compatible
. Camera - front & rear
. Touch screen compatible
. Access to most phone functions
. Range of mounting attachments
  • Included

    1. Tough case
      1. Optional

      2. Adapter