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Universal Waterproof Case for Smartphone up to 160mm

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  • Ultimateaddons Universal Tough Mount Case for smartphones has an IPX5 waterproof design to fit various larger Smartphones.  The case will fit phones up to a maximum size of approx 160 x 80 x 9mm.

    If you are looking for the best protective case to mount your Mobile Phone while cycling in all weathers, this case will do just that.  With its unique water tight cable management, this allows you to power your phone while you go.  Running various GPS apps and a bright screen will drain your battery, ensure that you keep it charged by covering the USB cable inside the case.  

    Some adapter options are available, you may only need the case on its own, or various options to have a male or female 1" ball, or adapter plate to fit to some existing mounting kit.  Note that multiple mounting kits are also available on our website with our range of handlebar attachments to best suit your bicycle.

    EAN 5055954783856
    Packaging Dimensions
    Weight 300g
    External Dimensions 21.5 x 10 x 2.5cm